YB Cylinder Heads

YBM - Available Soon - Early 2011

YBM Cylinder Head Assemblies (Complete)

Manufactured from our Grainger & Worrall Motorsport Castings.
Foley Patterns of Kidderminster designed and manufactured the first class casting equipment that is used to produce the Grainger and Worrall YB head castings.

YBM Cylinder Head Assemblies are fully finished and assembled ready for fitment.
These Hi-Flow cylinder heads are designed for the Ultimate Naturally Aspirated Engines and High Powered Turbo Engines.
Motorsport castings feature thick port cores, improved waterway design and strengthened head stud pillars.

YBM Head Assemblies Include

  • 37mm Inlet valves & 31mm Exhaust valves
  • Special Hi-Lift valve springs
  • YBM steel valve gear
  • Arrow cam followers
  • Camshaft profiles to suit application
  • Heavy Duty Camshaft Pulleys
  • CNC machined ports - brushed finish
  • Price = £6,650.00
  • Note: Prices exclude VAT

YB Cylinder Heads

Aluminium Engine
Aluminium Engine
Aluminium Engine