Our History

Smith and Jones Engineering Ltd was formed in 2004 by William and Nicola Jones (nee Smith) it was first established in Christchurch New Zealand. Using Will´s knowledge of Cosworth engines and Nicola´s passion for business they were soon underway specialising in YB engines and the manufacturing of associated components.

In 2006 Smith and Jones finished development and released the YB Aluminium Cylinder Block then in 2008 the first Smith and Jones YB Motorsport head was cast. Sales and promotion of the YB Alloy Block were significantly boosted with the dedicated help of Ken Jacobs at Cosworth LLC in California USA.

2008 was a tragic year. On the 28th of June Nicola Jones suddenly and unexpectedly passed away from heart failure at the age of 31. Nicola left behind husband Will and their two children Andrew and Louise. Being left with two young children and a new business it was a difficult time for Will.

In late 2008 Richard Towse joined Smith and Jones Engineering, Richard´s special skills which include CAD design and CNC machine work moved the business into a new era. Richard now supports Smith and Jones Engines and development work in New Zealand.

In 2009 Will decided to relocate Smith and Jones Engineering to the U.K and to his home town in Shropshire - he now looks forward to an exciting future with Cosworth engines and wants to continue with the success of a business Nicola and he worked so hard to establish together.


Aluminium Engine

Nicola Jones (nee Smith)