About Smith and Jones Engineering

Smith and Jones Engineering specialise in the manufacture of lightweight Cosworth YB Race Engines and associated components.

Manufactured in-house are our YB Aluminium Cylinder Blocks and YBM Cylinder Heads.

The cylinder blocks and cylinder heads are manufactured from our proprietary Motorsport castings.

We work closely with the Grainger & Worrall Foundry and Grainger & Worrall Machining, who always ensure the supply of first class Super-Cube machined aluminium castings.

If it‘s a YB competition engine you require, the supply of YB engine parts, or even just some advice, then contact us at Smith and Jones Engineering - we will be happy to help you out.

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Cosworth YB and BDA Engines
20 years experience with these Classic Ford Engines
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Aluminium Engine

Aluminium Engine

From using the latest in design and manufacturing techniques Smith and Jones YB Aluminium Blocks have moved the Classic Cosworth YB Engine into an exciting new era!